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Connect with Former Campers and Leaders


Who Can Join?

Anyone and everyone.

Anyone who has ever come to Camp Sumatanga for any program or attended any camp program throughout the year ever is considered an alumni.  Parents who send their children as campers, churches who pray for campers, supporters of any kind are alumni. Anyone who has loved Sumatanga through the years is an alumni. If you want to be an Alumni, you are; it’s that simple!  


To enjoy the full benefits of membership, please take the time to register by providing some basic information about yourself and history at camp. There is no fee associated with being an active member. Benefits of membership include access to up to date memorials, new historical pieces, pictures, lists and bios of camp friends (coming soon!), stories and memories, announcements, and information about reunion gatherings. 

“I’m my most genuine self (at camp) and it’s provided me with some of the most genuine friendships. I see God in this place through its people.

— Senior High Camper, from a Camp Communion Service


As a part of the Camp Sumatanga community, we want you to be able to share photos, camp memories, and life event updates without worrying about your information being searchable or public.  There is some information that is shared on the website that is camp specific, for example, the SumaSaints section, and is more appropriately kept in our community.

Although your email address will be secure and only used by the Camp Sumatanga Alumni Association, we may send an email now and then letting you know about events or new content on the website.  The frequency of emails will never be more than once a month.  That way, you won’t have to check the website every day, hour, or minute, to find out about new things that are happening.  We’ll send an alert and you’ll know it’s time to check in.  One last reason is to screen for robots and make sure that our community is made up of real people…because we haven’t had robot campers so far!